Vosges’ Mo’s Bacon Bar

Chocolate + salt + bacon pieces = Mo’s Bacon bar.

I really like the combination of sweet and salty. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies with a slightly salty hit, and salted caramels are all up my alley.
So I nearly dropped dead when I spotted Mo’s Bacon Bar at Parkleigh. Chocolate and Bacon? (“You got chocolate in my bacon!” “Hey, you got bacon in my chocolate!“) I was already a fan of Vosges’ milk chocolate, a smooth, creamy concoction. I can imagine some might find it too sweet, but I like it very much.
Biting into the Mo’s bar, the chocolate has a decent snap. The first flavor that hits you is the chocolate, followed quickly by smoky salt notes. A very tasty combination.
And then you realise you’re eating bacon. Once the chocolate melts away, you’re left with little chewy bits of bacon and it’s a texture I don’t care for in the context of chocolate. It puts me off so much that I can’t fully enjoy the flavor of the bar.
So, overall: good flavor, weird texture. I think Vosges could achieve a similar flavor profile — without using pork — by swapping the bacon for smoked almond bits. The bar would still combine sweet, smoky, and salty elements but the crunch of the almonds would be a nice contrast to the yielding texture of the chocolate.
Then again, “Mo’s Smoky Almond Bar” just doesn’t have the same impact.

Categories: Chocolate, Confections, Culinary Oddities, Reviews


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