Dining Review: Espada Brazilian Steak

espada steak image source espadasteak.com

Originally published July 24, 2013.

If you do a Google image search for “rodízio,” a Brazilian-style restaurant in which servers continually bring diners food until the patron signals they’ve had enough to eat, one of the first images you’ll see is a man sitting in a restaurant. Before him is a table cluttered with dishes, food scraps and used utensils. His shirt is lifted to reveal his naked torso, hands resting on his clearly engorged, pregnant-with-a-food-baby belly. The man smiles dazedly at the camera, eyes slightly glazed: the symptoms of what I like to think of as a meat hangover.

I recognize his expression. It’s the same one I had on my face after dining at Espada, Rochester’s only churrascaria, a.k.a., Brazilian steakhouse. (I refrained from hiking up my shirt.) It’s hard to leave Espada without feeling very full. I’m talking an after-Thanksgiving-dinner kind of full.

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