Fine Chocolates in Boston/Cambridge?

So this year’s Valentine’s* Day is both bad and good.

Bad: Shane will be out of town all next week for business training.

Good: he’ll be in Boston, with access to a number of sophisticated chocolatiers.

I’m in the mood for some artisenal chocolate. I want to taste salted caramels, truffles with tropical fruit infusions, and bon bons spiced with chili or curry. Any thoughts? LA Burdick looks very good, although their chocolates might be a bit on the tamer side of things. What do you think? If you have suggestions for great chocolatiers in the Boston area, please let me know!

*I can never decide where I want to put that apostrophe. Valentine’s Day indicates that the day belongs to St. Valentine, but Valentines’ Day indicates that belongs to valentines, or loved ones. Both work and I can’t decide. Argh.

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