RRC#2 Deadline TODAY at 11:59pm EST

You know those PBS fundraising drives the stations run twice a year? The hosts get increasingly desperate towards the end of the drive. They get pushy and sweaty and start offering totebags. Especially when their goal is $5,000,000 and they’ve raised about $500.

I feel their pain. This carnival has been up for a month and I’ve gotten two — only two — submissions. If this were a pledge drive, I’d be worried we couldn’t continue to support Cookie Monster’s habit.

So in the style of a PBS announcer:

Please support your local blog carnival. Act now and donate an outdoor swinging wingding recipe to the Retro Recipe Challenge. For your donation, you’ll receive a lovely email of thanks and have your creation prominently featured in our programming. Your contribution does make a difference.

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One Comment on “RRC#2 Deadline TODAY at 11:59pm EST”

  1. July 12, 2006 at 9:58 am #

    You know, I did indeed donate money to PBS at some point. But, as time passed, new fundraising marathons came and went and I kept my wallet closed. I donate to plenty of good causes and I further justified that there is only so much coinage to go around. Right? Well, I almost never watch TV anymore, but if I do happen to catch a glimpse of some PBS programming, I sorta feel guilty, like I should have the signal voluntarily scrambled because it’s broadcast on someone else’s dime. Lately I’ve been in hyperdrive and I haven’t cooked much. My blogging has slowed to a crawl. I have no submission for RRC#2 (and RRC#1 was pre-empted as well). Will I begin to feel guilty as I check in with Miss L.R. each day to slow down, have a mental margarita and peruse her culinary offerings? I hope not. Maybe, I can send a check to help cover the cost of her moving? Ouch. On second thought, perhaps I, like most American’s, will have to learn to live with a little guilt. Good luck to everyone else on the RRC! Thanks L.R. for your boundless enthusiasm and sence of fun!

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