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Chocolate dipped coconut pyramids

Chocolate-dipped coconut pyramids (vegan, gluten free, paleo – still tasty)

We had a little birthday celebration at work this week for someone who A) eats very healthily  and B) likes coconut.  Chocolate Covered Katie’s “Coconut Crack bars” seemed like a good fit for a celebratory treat. The recipe came together easily, mixing everything by hand in a large bowl. But after pressing the mixture into a […]

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Tangerine Blueberry Waffle

Tangerine Blueberry Waffles

Tim Nekritz created #pancaketweetup, “a monthly virtual gathering involving some kind of breakfast (some of us just happen to prefer pancakes) and sharing it via social media (most use Twitter, though others Facebook or blog or Flicker or YouTube). Food, fun and fellowship … the best things in life!” I felt like getting a little […]

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I’m on Tumblr, if that’s your thing

Hey, I’m on Tumblr!  

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Schwartzwald Schnitzel with Carmelized Onions

One of our favorite local restaurants is Rheinblick German Restaurant, serving up all manners of hearty, German fare.  Knockwurst, spaetzel, gluhwein, rouladen — they’re all ready to be eaten! Our favorite by far, however, is schnitzel.  Thin slices of pork (or veal) breaded and fried in butter are served with squeeze of lemon — mmm, oh […]

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Macaroni & Cheese

Photo courtesy of Wegmans.com I don’t know what exactly it is about macaroni & cheese but it is deliciously comforting. This recipe fits that bill and, if you use a “super pasta” it’s even a tiny bit healthy! Macaroni & Cheese (adapted from the original recipe) 14.5 oz short cut pasta (elbows, ziti, etc.), cooked […]

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Lasagne Verdi al Forno: A Daring Baker Challenge

I really enjoy participating in the Daring Bakers because A) I get to try out recipes that I might not normally be drawn to and B) my skills as a home cook are challenged. Some challenges are easy for me, and others make me want to run and hide. I must admit that this month’s […]

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