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Real Honest Jewish Purist’s bagels

A caraway and sea salt bagel with a wild garlic cream cheese schmear. There are three types of food I’m very particular (if not snobby) about:1) Pizza (NY style Neapolitan)2) Lasagna (mine)3) Bagels I’m not sure many people have had genuine bagels. (Mmm… genuine bagels.) They’re not perfectly round, their consistency is not like other […]

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Sugar Plums Dancing in My Head, Ed. #4

The one and only Nick Tahou Garbage plate. (Source) Garbage Plates A few days ago, Edward Schneider, a contributor to Mark Bittman’s blog, Bitten, posted on garbage plates. Living in a suburb of Rochester, NY, where the garbage plate was invented, I was excited to see what Schneider had to say. He writes: The scholar […]

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Orange Scones with Rhubarb and Cherries

Last week’s CSA share contained four large stalks of rhubarb. I wanted to use them, but not in a pie, crumble or bar. So I adapted a recipe for moist scone, mixing the rhubarb with orange and cherries. The main flavor in the resulting scone is orange, but the rhubarb gives each bite a little […]

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